Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see replies from my emails?

Yes, any replies will go straight into your inbox as normal.

Do you store my data?

We don’t store your emails or contact lists. The only data we store is the information you give us during the initial verification process, which is a legal requirement.

Are my emails CAN-SPAM, CASL and GDPR compliant?

Yes. Your physical address will be appended to the bottom of every email along with a unique unsubscribe link per recipient.

Can I track who’s opening and clicking my emails?

No. We believe your recipients should be able to receive and reply to emails without worrying about being tracked and so we don’t use any tracking software.

Can I personalize my email?

Yes. Please see our personalization instructions.

Can I preview my email before sending?

Yes. When you send your email to we'll reply to you with a preview.
If you've used personalization tags then for preview purposes we'll replace the tags with the first row of data from your CSV file.

Can I contact you?

You can email us at: