Send email campaigns from any inbox

Get your news, reminders, and important announcements out using your everyday email client — no technical expertise required!

  • Pay as you go — no signup, no subscription.
  • No wrestling with complicated templates or images.
  • No tracking, no privacy issues.
  • Just write, send, and move on.

How it works

1. Send us your email

Write your email using your favourite email software, for example GMail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Yahoo etc and mail it to

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2. Upload your audience

You'll receive a secure upload link where you can attach your audience using a CSV file or a Google Sheet.

You can even personalize your content and preview your email before it's sent.

We don't store or share your data after your email has been sent.

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3. Launch

Pricing is based on the number of recipients you're sending to. Your campaign is launched as soon as payment is processed.

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