Send email campaigns from any inbox

Get your news, reminders, and important announcements out using your everyday email client — no technical expertise required!

  • Pay as you go — no signup, no subscription.
  • No wrestling with complicated templates or images.
  • No tracking, no privacy issues.
  • Just write, send, and move on.

How it works

1. Compose your email

Write your email using your favourite email software, for example: GMail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.

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2. Choose your audience

Attach a CSV file or link to a Google Sheet containing your recipients' email addresses.

You can even personalize your content.

We don't store or share your data after your email has been sent.

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3. Send

Send your email to
We'll reply with a preview email and another containing a secure payment link. As soon as you pay, your email will be on its way.

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